Things I learned to make a job-searching routine more efficiently

Aliya Grig
4 min readJul 4, 2023

Absolutely, anyone who has ever embarked on a job search would corroborate that it’s a full-scale task akin to an unscripted adventure. It is an expedition filled with infinite screenings, CV and LinkedIn refurbishments, test tasks, case studies, and, quite often, a climax of disheartening rejections. My associate Nicole has voyaged through this tumultuous sea during her quest for her first internship, while she was a student at a prestigious French Business School. I am convinced her odyssey would strike a chord with many of you. Thus, I narrate our expedition through the labyrinth of job hunting, and the eight nuggets of wisdom we mined to streamline her job-search, and discover the elixir of motivation to persevere.

The Odyssey of Job Hunting

Nicole’s epic journey commenced in 2006 when she enrolled in a strategic management program at one of France’s esteemed business schools. As her educational sojourn neared its conclusion, she was tasked with securing a practical internship at a French company to earn her diploma. Being an international student with limited French proficiency, she was well aware of the Herculean task that lay ahead. I took it upon myself to act as her mentor, setting sail on this journey from December, fully cognizant that the process could span several months. The task was arduous, even for local French students, amplifying the magnitude of the challenge for Nicole, a foreigner…

This period was fraught with uncertainties, introspection, and moments of self-doubt. An incessant barrage of questions bombarded her: What was her life’s purpose? Which industry and professions intrigued her? What skills was she armed with and what needed honing? And, did her ideal role even exist in the professional realm?

With a rough sketch of the industry and prospective roles at hand, we kick-started her application drive. However, after the first 50 submissions met with a sparse couple of rejections and an overwhelming silence, despair began to creep in. Despite the meticulous effort and time she devoted to each application, it seemed as if her endeavors were being swallowed into a black hole, never to reach the recruiter’s desk. In this sea of uncertainty, she lost track of the number of roles she had applied to. The motivation to trudge along this seemingly futile path was fading. She yearned for a whisper of encouragement: “Hang in there, you’re not alone. Many are sailing in the same boat.”

A Map to the Treasure

Finding the drive to persist seemed like an insurmountable hurdle. So, we charted a new course, setting a KPI of applying to a minimum of 10 roles each day. Remarkably, within a fortnight of deploying this strategy, the tide began to turn. She started receiving invitations for interviews and finally, the elusive offer from Ubisoft for an international project internship. This triumphant moment led to her first work contract.

In retrospection, Nicole realized that she had dispatched 237 applications, braved 15 interviews, and received a solitary offer during this six-month odyssey. The journey had been turbulent, but she had successfully navigated through and landed a job abroad, despite her language constraints. Here are the compass points that guided her to her destination:

Reflection: Understand your areas of interest. Contemplate on your experiences, desires, and aspirations.

Market Analysis: Decipher the pulse of the labor market. Understand the demand, identify the requisite professionals, and articulate the role you aspire to.

Preparation: Craft a compelling CV and maintain an updated LinkedIn profile. Leverage the wisdom of experienced friends or mentors for feedback.

Target Companies: Curate a list of organizations that align with your aspirations.

Application Tracker: Keep track of your applications and their statuses with a dedicated spreadsheet.

Daily KPIs: Set daily application targets (e.g., 10 per day).

Interview Prep: Delve deep into the prospective company’s history, products, market position, values, and culture in anticipation of an interview.

Resilience: Keep moving forward. Persist in the face of adversity and strive to attain your desired role.

Through her journey, Nicole discovered that introspection and identifying one’s life purpose isn’t an easy feat. Even more challenging is the relentless quest for motivation to apply and ace interviews when it feels like your efforts are futile. She has weathered this storm and understands its toll. Her tale is a beacon of resilience, a testament that challenges are but stepping stones to success.

This compelling narrative didn’t just resonate with me on a personal level, but it echoed the sentiments of hundreds more, just like me. It was a poignant reminder of the shared struggle that women, irrespective of their stage in life, often face. It stirred within me an irresistible urge to create a beacon of hope and a sanctuary of support.

As such, I was spurred to create SensEI — a product designed to serve as a lifeline for women at all life stages. Whether she is a fresh graduate venturing into the corporate world, a mid-career professional navigating the labyrinth of work-life balance, or a seasoned veteran exploring new passions post-retirement, SensEI would be a resource to guide, empower, and uplift, offering solace and support during times of difficulty.

Through SensEI, I aspired to build an empowering space where fear and uncertainty could be transformed into strength and confidence. I envisioned it as a tool that could provide resources, advice, and a community of like-minded individuals who could uplift each other through shared experiences and collective wisdom.

In conclusion, Nicole’s story was not just an account of resilience in the face of adversity; it was an inspiration that sparked a revolution. It led to the creation of SensEI, a product designed to empower women and provide unwavering support at any difficult moment. A testament to the power of empathy and inspiration, the legacy of Nicole’s journey continues through SensEI, inspiring and empowering women, one day at a time.

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