The beginning of my space journey

Aliya Grig
6 min readJun 23, 2022

I started my first business at the University. I was providing consulting services to various technology companies and a large fashion retailer. Since my school years, I was very interested in technologies that can change our world. I was looking at different spheres — renewable energy, new materials, clean water, sustainable construction. After graduating from the University I built my first startup — fuel cell technology. It was a renewable source of energy, which can help to gain cheap sustainable energy. I found a research team in the field, we created the prototype and sold it to one of the leading producers of fuel cell energy.

My next project was in the urban development area. I really liked the idea of sustainable urban communities around the world, because they bring together like-minded people and create ecosystems for engineers, artists, and scientists, who collectively can make faster breakthroughs in technologies. There were great examples during human history of people working in small communities, like CERN Android collider in Europe or AI cities, which are now growing fast in China, or sustainable city Masdar in the United Arab Emirates. They work collectively to make breakthroughs and create new solutions, which can help our society. That was one of the ideas behind the Cosmos City project, on which we are currently working on.

My other project was a small European town renovation. Together with an international team of urban specialists, we created and implemented new concepts of life and technological development. We created urban development in the town, new working places, and an industrial park. We also created a new concept for city life and renovation. This concept is successfully replicated — creating new co-working areas, urban spaces, and growing quality of life.

My next startups were dedicated to space technologies. I launched three space tech startups: a new type of aluminum-scandium alloy for the aerospace industry, 3D-printing in outer space, and a light launch vehicle.

I made successful exits from two of these startups (overall valuation was $220 million). We successfully partnered with Boeing, NASA, Mitsubishi for these projects.

Creation of Cosmos City

My passion was urban planning, and I spent a long time working on the urban development of cities. My main inspirations were Tommaso Campanella’s “The City of the Sun” about the development of future generations, and Jacque Fresco’s “Venus Project”.

I wanted to put all my knowledge and experience of urban planning and building into something bigger, something far-reaching. Even then, I understood the need to move forward and think on a global scale — to create something that would help humanity transform itself and evolve. And that’s how the idea of building the first orbital city of the future was born.

Cosmos City is being created to satisfy a huge global interest in space, sustainability, self-development, and our future. Its long-term aim is to catalyze a transition in human evolution and awareness away from the chaos of our civilization towards a new era of enlightenment and human progress. One of our main goals is to popularize space among young and future generations. That’s why Cosmos City will become a home for ideas and inventions of young artists, scientists, and innovators who are committed to healing our planet and exploring the potential of space.

The mission of Cosmos City is to stimulate a necessary quantum shift in our collective mindset, uniting people through increasing our awareness to build a better version of our planet both here on Earth, and in the furthest reaches of the Universe. It is both a technological and commercial project, but it is designed to enlighten and entertain, bringing to life a new consciousness guided by 360° awareness of quality living, and the progressive development of Humanity.

Metaverse Cosmos 2050

Cosmos 2050 is a virtual gaming metaverse based in the year 2050 in a newly built ‘Space City’. It’s a virtual world which together educate, enlighten, and entertain our visitors through a focus on space, sustainability, and our Future.

We are creating Cosmos 2050 to satisfy a huge global interest in Space, Sustainability and — consequently — our Future. Our long-term aim is to catalyze a transition in human awareness away from the chaos our Civilisation is experiencing, towards a new era of enlightenment and human progress.

Based on the ‘Cosmos Effect’ — the synthesis of the physical and virtual worlds — our main goals are to encourage breakthrough practices and thinking in art, sustainability, innovation, science, planet development, and climate change reversal; and the popularization of Space among young and future generations.

The metaverse introduces a unique gaming experience through the combination of both traditional core, blockchain mechanics and AI powered digital avatars.

Сosmos 2050 is also a home for the ideas and inventions of artists, scientists and innovators who are committed to healing our Planet and exploring the potential of Space.

Cosmos 2050 stimulates a necessary quantum shift in our collective mindset, uniting people through increasing our awareness of who we are, but also how fragile we are, to build a better version of our Planet, crafting the Future of Humankind, both here on Earth, and in the furthest reaches of the Universe.

The visionary idea behind our first ‘Space City’ is pursuing and supporting innovation and endeavor, promoting values of care and consideration for all living beings evolving to explore new environments ‘out there’ in Space and to provide space experience to everyone.


AI Avatar — a digital animated human, game character with intelligent and emotional AI capabilities .

We created the technology which can bring to life different avatars or you can create your own avatar based on our technology.

AIA can help game developers integrate their own bots, with its rich lexicon, characters, assets and upgrades, the gaming experience will improve manifold and enable users to control simple things by text or voice and integrate into multiple channels and play with friends and strangers around the world in a seamless manner.

Our AI algorithm came through a combination of mindfulness, psychology, neurophysiology and coaching. We created the technology based on studies of the human brain, psychics and consciousness and brought this knowledge to the mathematical model.

The algorithm uses users’ inputs to constantly retrain itself via deep learning algorithms.

Each of us has endless possibilities, and we were born on this planet to make an impact. We shouldn’t just live our lives in an ordinary way. Each person can make an impact through his daily actions and his mindset. I’m doing the things which can bring our planet a better future because that’s the only way it can happen. It won’t happen with any other tool rather than our mindset because our mindset will lead to great technologies, and bring to our world great people scientists like Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein. My philosophy is to think out of the box without any limits and to act without limits. We should work daily towards the improvement of our plan, our society, and people’s lives. The only limit is our imagination.



Aliya Grig

Visionary and Futurist. AI expert. Founder, CEO Evolwe AI — the first conscious AI. Founder of the Cosmos City