It’s a challenging times now and I do believe it’s important to create initiatives which will lead to creation new opportunities for people, an eco-system which will help to promote new minds and breakthrough technologies. Mission of the Cosmos Center is a creation of a new thinking, our planet development, shifting geographical boarders of humanity.

My personal mission is to inspire and discover future scientists, innovators and astronauts. I believe that through the Cosmos Center we can facilitate the process of creation breakthrough technologies for our planet.

It is an entertainment and educational hub, dedicated to sustainability, climate change, space exploration.

The Cosmos Center is an online and offline project for educational, scientific, art and entertainment programs about the future, sustainability, climate change and space.

Unlike existing entertainment and educational venues across the world, the Cosmos Center aside from the future technologies and colonization of space, emphasizes personal development of the body and mind of people. The big idea is built around the theory of micro- and macro space. I believe that a human being has endless opportunities hidden inside his body, brain and consciousness. There is a new evolutionary stage we are facing now and we can really move to a next level of our development and discover all the hidden capabilities and superpowers inside us. We have to be strong, mindful and judgement-free to make our planet a better place and to reach next geographical frontier in space. The Cosmos Center creates a special eco-system and a physical space to implement that idea.

The Cosmos Center is not a regular Space Center with historical artefacts. It is an entertainment center with interactive technologies, including the latest multimedia/ VR/ AR solutions to give audiences a real experience of life in future. We provide a unique visitor experience, designed educational programs, co-working spaces for engineers, scientists, innovators and startups.

The potential location of the Cosmos Center is Los Angeles, California (USA). It is a highly touristic area with the annual tourist flow of 21 mln people. To make the experience for out-of-state and international visitors more enjoyable, we would like to open a hotel and create a residential area on the territory.

Key features:

The Cosmos Center is a very diverse project. Everyone will find something for himself: inspiration, experience, knowledge, support or team members.


If you are ready to provide financial input into the project please write me and I’ll discuss with you investment opportunities regarding this project.

You can also send us support in tweet to @cosmoscenter_la. We would like to raise awareness and create the Cosmos Center for the benefit of future generations of scientists, innovators, engineers and astronauts.

Appreciate your support.



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Aliya Grig

Aliya Grig


Visionary and Futurist. AI expert. Founder, CEO Evolwe AI — the first conscious AI. Founder of the Cosmos City