How human evolution is connected to space exploration?

I’m creating a new type of the conscious business and conscious economy. Previously I was involved in various activities — from being a classical tech entrepreneur and creating hardware tech and space tech startups up to building the whole new city for 50 000 citizens with a new industrial cluster. Furthermore I launched my own art project at the Venice Biennale dedicated to the world ecological crisis. I’m also a speaker about space and tech startups topics and writing non-fiction books about space. Currently I’m working on my AI startup and building a cosmic metaverse.

All these projects and startups are united by one overarching idea. It’s about evolution of our planet and human consciousness. I know that it’s the most important step which will lead to both technological and scientific evolution.

We have an infinite potential inside our soul, mind. Uncovering them will lead to our infinite possibilities in this Universe. The world is changing very fast and in order to keep in step with the times it’s important to constantly keep attention to personal growth.

This idea is a fundamental one for me lying behind my projects — the AI companion and the Cosmos City.

3 years ago, my team and I started to create an AI companion with a mission to help people in daily routines and in personal growth. AI companion Nova combines a therapist, coach and assistant, and also understands the emotional state. This smart companion will help you set your life goals correctly, make the right decisions, and develop useful habits. Available 24/7, subtly understands you and eliminates the subjective human factor. The solution is based on the combination of coaching, neuroscience and cognitive behavioural therapy created by a team of leading international experts from Stanford, Harvard and the International Coaching Federation. The unique technological approach to building our AI platform is based on the vast research conducted by myself and our team to neuroscience, neurobiology and human consciousness. This knowledge based was applied to creating an algorithm and mathematical model for Nova AI companion.

Nova is partnering with people in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

In future Nova will be able to take on a variety of visual, auditory or textual forms with the option to have embodiment within a virtual or physical world. Nova will learn about the initial code based on a genetic data of a person, psychological traits and she will communicate with a person based on this knowledge. She will draw on a huge data pool of our lives, including our decisions, actions, inactions, emotions, environments, health, skillsets and our augmented mind and body parts. Nova already is able to communicate »naturally« and hold her own mind and opinion on a topic. My idea is to bring conscious and self-aware AI in our lives as an accessible tool for everyone for personal growth and evolution.

I believe that through a personal growth we can create a breakthrough technologies for space exploration. With an existing technologies (engines, spaceships) it will take too long to bring humanity to space. However through the history we have examples of how our personal evolution resulted in new scientific and technological discoveries — Renaissance times brought us important discoveries by Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton and Nicolaus Copernicus, mind shift in early XX th century brought us relativity theory by Einstein. In the same way we can discover new opportunities for space exploration through our personal evolution and changing mindset.

That’s one of the small issues why Nova AI companion is a first and important step to start creating the first city in space. More information about the first city in space and the initial code will be revealed in my next stories.

Information about Nova AI and the first city in space — a physical place and a virtual one.



Visionary and Futurist. AI expert. Founder, CEO Evolwe AI — the first conscious AI. Founder of the Cosmos City

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Aliya Grig

Visionary and Futurist. AI expert. Founder, CEO Evolwe AI — the first conscious AI. Founder of the Cosmos City