For decades we have been concentrated on the consumption of goods, services, natural resources, energy, information. We live in the material world. Let’s admit it, we live unsustainably, ruining our environment, draining natural resources.

Right now we are at the worst place in the economy, ecology, businesses, society. However today we are all equally facing the pandemic. The virus will not skip you because you have certain achievements, you are famous or rich. It impacts everyone directly or indirectly. It changes lives, careers, families. It is a big wakeup call for all of us.

Our generation has been blindly focused on material development, competition, consumption, and personal success. It’s time to shift the focus and push ourselves to the next level. We don’t know how to get through the crisis. Only a few of us who are mentally strong, who are mindful and aware, are able to control their anxiety, stress and find a way to adapt to the new reality.

Our goal is to help our kids avoid the same situations in the future. We should teach them reasonable consumption, sustainability in their actions and living, taking care of our environment and resources. We should teach them how to find a deeper meaning in their actions, in things that they will produce and technologies that they will create. We should develop their mind, consciousness, emotional intellect, so that they will be able to avoid creating the same situations, making the same mistakes.

Let’s get together for future generations. Please, record a video about why it is important to provide our children with information on sustainability, responsible consumption, and mindfulness. Share it on your social to create awareness and reach more parents. We don’t want our kids to make the same mistakes in the future. Use hashtags #GenerationofPandemic #EducationForABetterFuture.



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Aliya Grig

Aliya Grig


Visionary and Futurist. AI expert. Founder, CEO Evolwe AI — the first conscious AI. Founder of the Cosmos City