Conversational AI: the technology that has made our lives so much easier

  • Visually familiar
  • Natural movement
  • Intelligent conversation indicates a common sense
  • Comprehension (how they sense us)
  • Personality
  • Security and safety of coachee’s data
  • Functionality and level of autonomy
  • Ethical and moral grounding
  • Empathy, intuition, and imagination
  • Presence
  1. Social ability, or the ability to bot with the coachee.
  2. Trust and credibility; maintaining trust throughout the session period.
  3. Context-aware; personalization.
  4. Proactive; to encourage the client to talk.
  5. Theoretical underpinning; using a reliable base of knowledge.
The DAIC framework
  • Machine learning operates on large amounts of data, which is not necessarily neutral and unprejudiced. Designers need to make sure that during the learning process, their AI won’t acquire biased information.
  • Since most bots need to store, process, and analyze private information, users might find it disturbing and worrying, so it has to be stated clearly how this information is being used and by whom.
  • A responsible coach needs to be alert and reliable when it comes to some clients that may need a different specialist than a coach.
  • Users’ decision-making process will be affected by the chatbot’s words and actions. They can even be influenced and manipulated to a certain extent.
  • Level of human likeness: even though the uncanny valley is definitely not an easy problem to solve, some human-like actions can be very beneficial. For example, having a name, using informal language, and conversing in the first person. These characteristics make chatbots feel more relatable and less eerie.
  • Managing capability expectations: it is important to state the bot’s abilities and limitations clearly and explain that AI bots and human coaches are not the same.
  • Changing behavior: it should be clear to a user that AI is constantly developing and learning, hence some of the interactions may change.
  • Reliability: as was mentioned previously, bots are still learning, so making mistakes is completely normal, which can be a helpful reminder to users.
  • Disclosure: make it clear that AI coaches are not humans and their capabilities are quite different.
Designing chatbots to support strong coach-coachee relationships
  • Deep neural network (DNN)
  • Evolwe DNN is trained to recognize a human’s emotional and psychological state
  • DNNs can model complex non-linear relationships and are typically feedforward networks in which data flows from the input layer to the output layer without looping back
  • Artificial empathy (AE) or computational empathy
  • Based on Natural language processing (NLP)
  • The use of word embeddings
  • Named entity recognition (NER)
  • Terminology extraction
  • Coreference resolution
  • Discourse analysis
  • Natural language understanding (NLU)
  • Other unique features include the following:
  • A new mathematical model for AI based on the human brain, cognitive psychology, and consciousness
  • An intelligent chatbot that speaks like a human: empathic, proactive, and consistent
  • Chatbot with emotional skills and styles. Our chatbot is completely generative: neural networks generate chatbot answers.
  • The technology was built on the basis of neurophysiology, analysis of thinking, psychology, how the human consciousness and subconsciousness function, and emotional intelligence.
  • Out-of-the-box and customized dialogue solutions designed to automate processes in any industry. Can be integrated into messengers and websites. The Virtual assistant with embedded sets of skills is easy to customize and quick to integrate.
  • API to enable quick connectivity to any form factors and smart speakers
  • Use of state-of-the-art Transformer neural networks: GPT2, GPT3, BERT, T5, ruGPT3, XLnet, etc.



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Aliya Grig

Aliya Grig


Visionary and Futurist. AI expert. Founder, CEO Evolwe AI — the first conscious AI. Founder of the Cosmos City