Beware of Your Wishes, They May Come True…

Imagine that your lover suggested you undertake a romantic trip not to a site on Earth, but … you are going for five or six days to a Hotel on the Orbit … Your immediate question: how hot will your nights in space be?

When speaking at difference space conferences, I am often asked by the audience about the possibility of making love in space. This is especially important on a long flight, travels to other planets or for life in the orbit city EFIR.

Many people who are interested in the issue have read various stories on the subject, but really, what do we know about sex in space now? 💑🚀

🌟Statement 1. There is no proven and official information about intimacy between spacemen outside the Earth.

Doubts: Аre we informed enough?

🌟 Statement 2. Weightlessness does not presuppose sex because of purely physical reasons due to the absence of points of support for the bodies of the partners. Any touch of bodies with about the same weight or a push provokes a movement in the opposite direction.

Doubts: What if we hold each other tight or fix ourselves to surfaces?

🌟 Statement 3. There are pilot projects of devices, which fix the body of one of the sex partners in weightlessness, but they were not tested in real weightlessness or microgravitation.

Doubts: There is information that some fixing devices were tested in simulated weightlessness, such research has been done since the start of 90s.

🌟 Statement 4. According to astronauts, the negative physiological changes in the human body while adapting to weightlessness (7–10 days) do not help sexual appetite to appear.

Doubts: We are talking about long flights, when all such phenomena are over.

🌟 Statement 5. The modern code of behavior for spaceships and orbital stations prohibits «demonstration of preference to any crew member.»

Doubts: This rule works when the crews are small, while we are talking about a wider audience on a long-term trip since population of the EFIR orbital city counts several thousand people.

🌟 Statement 6. Conception in weightlessness and possible fetus abnormalities are not researched at all. Research on animals produced very mixed results.

Doubts: Are we talking about sex as manifestation of human nature or a reproductive function? What is primary – satisfaction of basic human needs or procreation?

🌟 Statement 7. It is obvious that such research is done in different countries while preparing for long voyages, in particular, to the Mars.

We cannot doubt this statement, sex is a basic need of a human body. Dissatisfaction promotes shakiness of the rest of the structure and influences all aspects of life and activities of a man, which is especially important in closed conditions of space facilities.

I think that science is now developing so fast that the problem of making love in space will be solved very soon.

I am primarily talking about weightlessness, оf course. In the case of simulated weightlessness the problem may well disappear on its own. Our space city EFIR with its simulated gravitation and imitation of earth conditions should become a perfect site for the development of well-balanced relations and the appearance of space children generation.

I think this is terribly cool.

What do you think?



Visionary and Futurist. AI expert. Founder, CEO Evolwe AI — the first conscious AI. Founder of the Cosmos City

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Aliya Grig

Aliya Grig


Visionary and Futurist. AI expert. Founder, CEO Evolwe AI — the first conscious AI. Founder of the Cosmos City