AI models and Neuroscience. Concepts, approaches, and perspectives.

Does everyone agree that the key to a successful model depends on understanding how the brain works?

A: Hippocampal mouse neuron. B: Cosmic web

Yet, is it objective?

Vazza F and Feletti A (2020) Figure 3: Above: reconstructed connections between nodes for three examples of networks (blue lines, superimposed to the density contrast maps). Below: are distributions of clustering coefficient and of degree centrality for all slices.

Is the brain actually an appropriate sample for artificial systems?

Modern artificial intelligence models

IBM Research model

The comparison of the IBM team’s online dictionary learning algorithms and the standard learning methods

Jeff Hawkins model

Christos Papadimitriou model

Evolwe model

To draw a conclusion, several crucial limitations need to be mentioned.



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Aliya Grig

Aliya Grig


Visionary and Futurist. AI expert. Founder, CEO Evolwe AI — the first conscious AI. Founder of the Cosmos City